Life is lived in daily conversations, typically brief and seemingly inconsequential.  Yet, every conversation creates unseen ripples in our relationships and out into the world.

pq-swami.gifIt is the belief of the Center for Authentic Leadership that the measure of a man or woman is more than the sum of one’s words or deeds. It is the impact of who we are being as we speak and act that leaves the greatest imprint on others. Take a moment to consider, what is the impact of your life in relation to others, especially in those times when you are feeling disappointed, overwhelmed, tired, irritated or impatient?

Much of how we learned to think and act was shaped from our childhood experiences. The Center’s core work is to help individuals grow beyond their childhood training and realize their unique potential that, when understood and focused, can leave a powerful legacy for the benefit of all.

The Center’s work is designed to help community and business leaders, individuals and families address the following types of common concerns and needs: 

  • A manager’s or a parent’s concern about being “too tough” or “too soft” on others when trying to get something done.
  • A leader’s desire to feel a real sense of fulfillment, beyond accomplishment.
  • A desire to have the important relationships of one’s life feel more peaceful, gratifying, and sustaining.
  • A desire to feel more connected to one’s children (spouse, parents, siblings …).
  • Greater clarity about what to do next with one’s life.
  • Greater satisfaction with the legacy one desires to leave.

The Center’s typical clients tend to be accomplished communicators, yet most everyone has areas in their communication where things could be better. We work on what could be “better.” We will help you harness and strengthen your impact.

We believe in living one’s legacy now through the ways one communicates each day, especially in difficult conversations where leadership is most needed. Are you interested in living your life in a way that reflects your deepest passion? Discovering your unique gift is a rare act; “living it” is a soulful act.