Founded in 1985 by Jan Smith, the Center for Authentic Leadership has served thousands of people in their quest to live life with greater effectiveness, meaning, purpose, passion, and fulfillment.

On the surface, the Center is a highly effective coaching organization that shows people how to be more effective communicators and leaders. Driving all that is a commitment to train adults to design lives consistent and congruent with their in-born gifts and purpose.

By participating, you will awaken more to the yearnings of your soul.

The Center is a global leadership development community serving-- executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, creatives, educators, consultants, community leaders, and families – individuals representing all types of organizations.

The Center’s two hallmark programs, the Leadership Intensive and Future Thinking, can help you to discover the unconscious matrix of your habitual thoughts, words and actions, so that you can live more consciously a life of character.

The Center for Authentic Leadership can teach you how to contribute your best and, at the same time, inspire others to give their best.  The Center’s work is not about “fixing” or making people smarter.  It is about showing that it is possible to converse in a way so powerful that you cannot conceive of conversing any other way again…because you will have come home to your authentic voice.

What does this all mean, in English?

Imagine a manager whose staff becomes more productive when he begins to listen differently to them. Imagine a business partnership moving from stale functionality back to creativity and newness. Imagine difficult relationships becoming workable, or even down-right enjoyable.

Leadership development is anything but airy-fairy, touchy-feeley gobbeldy-gook. Being in development means being willing to look beneath the surface to understand what drives us to think what we think and act the way we act, especially when our actions are no longer working for ourselves or others.