A high powered mastery program in creating a life rich in achievement, fulfillment and enduring contribution from one's unique gift, purpose and legacy.

Future Thinking is an International Developmental Community for leaders who want to springboard beyond success into a life of fulfillment and significance, shaping tomorrow today from one's unique gift.

Future Thinking is structured to maximize fundamental habits of leadership and communication as you design the second half of your life.

The Future Thinking approach combines personal trainer type one-on-one coaching with group learning designed to accelerate your development. What makes this program stand out from all others is the uniqueness of Jan Smith’s coaching and the richness of the development community she has created. It is an environment in which people get in touch with what's essential to their lives, and build the second half of their life around their unique gift and expressing their gift into the world. Many graduates have gone on to accomplish dreams they had set on a shelf for someday or never.