How often have you heard the expressions “people don’t change,” and “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? Do you feel these phrases apply to you, or do you want to be the exception? Are you willing to try on new ideas until something shifts internally and becomes your new “second-nature"?

If so, the Center for Authentic Leadership’s development programs may be right for you.

All of the Center’s teaching is grounded in principles of development — expanding or enlarging or refining some aspect of one’s self over time.

At the Center, we know we can’t buy self-awareness at a drive-through window. Development of self-awareness is a life-long journey — for life and for life .

Development is not about changing or fixing. People don't need to be fixed. But they may need to add some new skills that can't be learned by reading a book or sitting through a two-day class. In essence, development is about personal mastery, over time, through focus and practice.

This perspective of development, combined with the unique coaching of Jan Smith, the Center's Founder, makes the Center's programs different from other personal or leadership development courses.  Jan Smith is a coach's coach, and an executive's confidante.

The Center’s unique programs give you:

  1. Powerful training — through models, exercises and personal coaching in key principles for communication and leadership;
  2. Support — for your new learning through a myriad of structures and processes — group and individual work, coaching, email dialogue, leadership roles; and,
  3. Community — an international development community of highly motivated people who relate to each other in a new paradigm and stretch each other to discover and bring their unique gifts to the world.