Engagements of Phase 1 - Discovering Your Unique Gift

1) One-on-One Coaching Calls (8 calls) or individual meetings over a period of 6 months.

Purpose: To uncover your Adaptive platform underneath ‘what you do,’ (not changing what you do!) and design your unique Core Essence platform underneath ‘what you do,’ allowing you to connect in a new way and deepen “real” partnerships.

Individuals may start anytime after an interview with Jan Smith

Contact Becky Glenn at to schedule a call with Jan Smith to determine if this is a fit with your landscape of concerns and intentions.

2) One Future Thinking Conference (3 days)
Purpose: To practice having your authentic voice and gift be heard with any individual or in groups of any size.

Next Future Thinking Conference

Location: May 2- 4, 2019  Boston, Mass 

Local number: 404-803-4303

Dates of Phase II

Living Your Gift

FT Conferences
Held quarterly in January, April, July and October, for three days (Thursday, Fridays, Saturday) - contact us for specific dates.

Dates of Phase III

Living Your Gift

FT Conferences
(Thursday, Friday, Saturday)


Logistics of Future Thinking

FT Conference Meetings: (See above for the dates)
Location: To be determined by the group at the FT Conferences 

Email for additional logistics and directions.