Business and community leaders from all over the world have experienced the Leadership Intensive.

"When I did the LI, I was a BUSY-A-HOLIC executive in a start-up consulting firm, growing at warp speed. I had a cell phone and pager strapped to my body and a laptop that I checked on breaks. The course leader, Jan Smith was asking us to hear the "soundbytes of our soul" and I was trying to figure out how to do this while also listening to my headphones, reading email and talking on the phone.

Immediately, Jan had my number. She knew I needed to see that while I was not responsible for the behavior of others around me -- I wasn't innocent, either. This was not good news. It was very challenging for me to take this on without feeling that I was condoning what another did or letting them "off the hook". One of the greatest gifts I received is being able to authentically, with curiosity and respect, hear another's perspective and 'story' without having to agree or condone it. In a soundbyte - the work of the Center has given me my LIFE!"

Di Hall
Watchfire, Inc. vp of operations

"When I enrolled in the Leadership Intensive six years ago, I did so primarily for business reasons. At the time, I was responsible for the leadership practice for the consulting firm where I worked. I felt like I needed renewed enthusiasm for my work and some updating of my own leadership skills. The course turned out to be all that and so much more.

At the same time, my marriage was in crisis. This program gave me the insight, skills and courage to have some of the most difficult conversations of my life. Not only did I survive, but I thrived through what have been some extremely difficult years."

Renee Cooper
Cooper & Associates, executive coach

"Many courses deal with trendy, superficial aspects of management, but the Leadership Intensive identifies how you can be your authentic self so that others can see you in that way and you can relate to people on a much higher level.

I do a lot of things differently now. I try to appreciate what someone is saying to me rather than jump to defend my own opinion first. It has transformed my professional conversations. People want to talk to me. I'm more collaborative. So the end result is typically better than what I achieved in the past.

Here's the bonus. I don't think there's anything I've done that has more positively impacted my relationship with my wife. In the past, we would have conversations in a very superficial way to avoid hurting each other's feelings. Now, we have the ability and desire to have more rich and in-depth conversations because we have a vehicle through which to communicate."

Evan Hackel
Carpet One, president

"Going from fast-paced executive to full time mom, I had so much of what I thought I needed to be happy but I wasn't getting up each day thinking, "I have the best gosh darn life in the world." To take care of others' needs, I was constantly denying my own. Often, I felt spent and used up - not energized and creative like I used to feel.

Now, my kids, my husband and I have conversations about how we can all get our needs met. I get curious to see how what they want can work with what I want. To my delight we often end up with something that is even BETTER than any of us envisioned separately. For me this is true freedom and I know that my children will be forever changed by my shift in parenting style. It still brings tears to my eyes to hear my middle son say "We're not like most families are we?"

Laura Hackel
Retired Executive Cambridge Technology Partners, active mom and emerging artist

"Having attended many training classes in my career, the last thing I thought I'd ever want to do is attend another one. The Leadership Intensive course is now the only one I recommend to others. Unlike other classes, I had the opportunity to explore my valued relationships in a safe environment. After taking my first L.I., I was surprised to see how I could interact with others in a far more fulfilling way. While the course defies description, the experience was one of the most powerful I've had."

Steve Colwell
Hilton Boston Logan Airport, resident manager

"I have become a better listener. I understand my own reactions better. I now see the person in front of me as "a life unfolding". No matter the circumstance, the person, or the situation we are all fundamentally the same, all with issues, all with problems, all with sorrows, all with successes. I now live with more patience and understanding which allows me a more personally powerful life.

Cheryl Coletti
Apollo Waste Systems, owner & entrepreneur

"The first time I took the Leadership Intensive, I thought I was a self-aware and reflective man and so I didn't really "need it". But I was curious and did discover that my personal and business relationships live in conversation. This realization did help positively shift how I communicated with some of the important people in my life--especially with my teenage daughter. During my second experience with the LI, I saw that I was very good at hiding my emotions and covering up my anger and more passionate feelings. Except, ironically, in the office, where I was the boss and so it was okay to express some of that anger. Today, I am trying to notice and express my emotions, but also be much more patient and curious about where they are coming from."

Matthew Goodwin
Ver-Tex Construction Specialties, Inc., president and owner