Our clients include entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, managers, board members, coaches, consultants, artists, educators, family members – individuals [View Testimonials] whose leadership growth and success require the ability to work in partnership with others.

Attendees are typically individuals who have a successful life, and yet want more than external rewards and accolades. They also want the passion and fulfillment that arises from intrinsic, unique gifts that spring from within. They have deep longings for meaning and significance in their organizational and personal lives, and know it is time to take their success to a deeper and more profound level.

They are individuals who see the value of an integrated life rather than a fragmented existence, and can see strong emotions as part of being human.

They want to stop controlling everything, stop worrying. They want off the wearisome treadmill and its life-destroying stress, and are open to seeing life as a more fulfilling, unfolding dance of order.